Radnor Hills are excited to be returning to Vendex North on the 7th November 2017. With the vending market rapidly growing Radnor Hills are producing more and more specifically designed soft drinks suitable for vending.  Ideal for the ‘on the go’ consumer who wants ‘little fuss’ when buying a soft drink.

Radnor Hills are one of the market leaders in the school drinks sector and are really pushing their drinks into schools that are utilising vending machines more and more. Vending machines are great in schools; they are mobile and help relieve queues in busy lunch hours. They also offer children all day access to healthy drinks not just at breaks and lunch time when the canteen is open.

New for 2017 Radnor have introduced Fruella Hydrate which is a brand extension from the popular Fruella Fruit Juice range. With the continuing focus on sugar in drinks this new option offers healthy hydration with a combination of 60% fruit juice and 40% natural spring water. Fruella Hydrate is available in a 250ml prisma carton format which is perfect for on-the-go drinking with no preservatives, no added sugar and one of your recommended five- a -day in every carton.

Radnor Hills offer an array of products that are ideal for vending including pure spring water, flavoured water, children’s school compliant drinks and premium adult pressés.  The demand for chilled soft drinks is rising; it’s all about keeping hydrated, low calories and refreshing drinks! This year we will be exhibiting at Vendex Show which is the perfect place to bring together sellers and serious buyers in the Vending Industry.


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