All of us here at Three Square Market are excited to be exhibiting our micro market self-checkout kiosk at Vendex North 17.  We will be showing how users can grab products from an open-shelf setting, scan the product at the kiosk and finalise the purchase with a touch of a button.  We will also be showing out patented mobile app solution to give consumers the option to use their phone to scan and finalise a purchase of a product.  All of these functions will give a customer the opportunity to grab their snack and finalise a purchase within seconds, allowing them to get back to a task they are working on.

On top of the micro market self-checkout and mobile solution, we will also be debuting the Three Square Market advertisement programme.  From an operator’s desk, you will be able to upload advertisements onto the kiosk screen and various screens throughout a room to increase purchases.  With this system we will also show the Loyalty Rewards Programme and the Coupon functionality.  With the Three Square Market Loyalty Rewards programme you will be able to increase your consumer loyalty by offering discounts and free items for continued loyalty to your market.  It is guaranteed to increase sales and satisfaction for your customers.  Being able to merge the advertisement programme function and the loyalty program into your operation is truly a game-changer for vending operators and presents so many possibilities for the future of your business.

Ends                                                                                                                                             October 2017

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