Aqua Cure will be at Vendex this year with a selection of forward thinking products and initiatives to help make your life easier and your business greener.

Recycle Your Used Water Filter Cartridges

Aqua Cure’s filter recycling scheme has proved a great success with high levels of demand and is available for certain types of resin filter. Once all the useful components of the filter are recovered, the remaining plastic is turned into pellets which can be reused in other plastic products. The scheme gives company’s the chance to boost environmental credentials and offer a convenient way to recycle old filters.

Aqua Cure accept all used Everpure Claris, Claris Ultra, ESO6, H-SCALE cartridges as well as other filters which contain softening resin. You can arrange your first recycling run by emailing  or visiting the scheme website.

Check Your Remaining Filter Capacity Without Having To Visit Site

Sales of Aqua Cure’s exclusive iMeter / iHub digital flow meters have really taken off in the last 12 months and it’s not hard to see why. When installed together, the iMeter / iHub digital flow meters allow operators to check their remaining filter capacity over the internet rather than visiting the site. It’s perfect for large estates with significant numbers of machines.  Not only do these digital flow meters offer significant time saving, they also reduce the risk of installing new filters too soon or leaving old filters installed past their lifespan. What’s more, the iMeter / iHub can easily be retrofitted to any existing filter installation, regardless of brand.

Cost Effective Scale Eradicator Filter With Reusable Housing

British Water calculate that every 1.6mm of scale in a heating system causes a 12% loss in heating efficiency. Aqua Cure’s H-SCALE filter eradicates scale, therefore preventing any loss of boiler efficiency whilst also saving money and improving the quality of your end product. The system’s clever reusable housing means that only the internal filter element needs to be replaced, reducing plastic waste and the cost of replacements. Contact Aqua Cure for details of their price breaks and bulk discounts.

Visit stand 83 to find out more.

Aqua Cure

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