Karina and Maciek were inspired by their nan’s tasty recipes to start saving imperfect fruit and transform it into perfect juices. A trip to a local farm opened their eyes to the food waste – specifically the devastating effect that excessive aesthetic standards imposed by supermarkets have on the food we consume. They decided to change it. It’s time to inspire the world to reimagine perceptions of waste.

Flawsome! are on a mission to make other people as passionate about sustainable craft drinks as they are. At Flawsome! they transform imperfect and surplus fruit into perfectly crafted cold pressed juice. They never use concentrate, sweeteners or sugars, making their delicious ethically sourced drinks good for you.

After 24 months of New Product Development they have launched a range of cold-fizzed lightly sparkling juice drinks in an innovative BPA-free can. Flawsome! bubbly drinks are made from unclarified pressed juice made in small batches to guarantee craft quality. They have used 11 batches of juice to make their first batch of cans. Flawsome! simply blend sustainably sourced cold pressed juice with lightly sparkling water to make natural, low calorie, vegan, delicious drinks.

The Flawsome! range includes craft cold pressed juices in 250ml and 750ml bottles and a range of cold fizzed lightly sparkling juice drinks in a can – Rhubarb & Apple, Sweet & Sour Apple and Cherry & Apple.

The craft cold pressed juice flavours include: Sweet & Sour Apple, Apple & Orange, Apple & Pumpkin, Apple & Superberry (or aronia), Apple & Strawberry, Apple & Beetroot, Apple & Mango and Orange Juice.

Visit stand 23 to find out how Flawsome! are awesome!

Flawsome! Drinks

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