Holograph’s ground-breaking LOOKINGLASS® platform delivers the next level of human interaction with digital systems, as a fully integrated advertising platform. It can be used in several retail and advertising situations, from vending machines to fully automated shopping experiences.

LOOKINGLASS® Vending Edition takes advantage of FOCUSTRACK® ‘focus tracking at a distance’ technology and offers unique user experiences such as DYNAMO®. With its diverse features, the platform can record unparalleled user telemetry, including counting footfall, monitoring user viewpoints, as well as noting both advertising dwell time and general interaction with the machine. This is changing how businesses engage with their consumers and offers a refined form of brand development.

LOOKINGLASS® is disrupting the vending industry as a versatile experiential platform. Not only can it capture advantageous user data, but it can engage with consumers from a distance too, enticing them to come closer to the machine.

Sound too good to be true? See for yourself at Stand 102.


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