Our History

In 1992, inspired by adventure and the desire to discover new horizons, tastes and experiences, our founders spent a year journeying across the Mediterranean, North Africa and Middle East on two motorbikes collecting recipes everywhere they went from the farmers, growers and producers, they met along the way, launching Olives Et Al on their return in 1993.

Since then, we’ve been faithfully re-creating those recipes, and many more gathered ever since, using traditional methods and the most appropriate ingredients.

Our Expertise

Over the last 25 years we’ve built an enviable reputation for our products, service and ability to continually innovate for ever changing markets and consumer expectations. We’re acknowledged and respected for our ability to supply into every sector in every conceivable format from bulk foodservice to single serve portions.

Everything we do is designed with specific usages and applications in mind. We understand the constraints of your industry and we work from the solution backwards – regularly re-engineering from first base to create and supply the best product for the customer and consumer.

Our Ethos, Credo & Culture

Considered as missionaries and visionaries of the speciality food movement we strive to deliver the most considered approach to sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly artisan food resulting in authentic tastes designed and delivered for a new twenty first century marketplace.

Olives Et Al not just olives!

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