Selcup Paper Cup has been providing service to the packaging industry for over 23 years and the company has shown the same success in the vending paper cup sector since 2013.

Selcup Paper Cup products are well-accepted and well-known throughout Europe with sales to customers in 19 different European countries.

The company has followed technological developments and innovations closely and therefore can offer products that meet customer requirements with environmentally friendly production techniques.

Selcup Paper Cup offer cups in a range of sizes from 4 oz/100 ml to 12 oz/300 ml.

In response to demand for eco-friendly cup solutions, Selcup Paper Cup presents its newly launched Bio-Cup which is 100% compostable in industrial composting and can be collected with food waste in most collecting schemes, supporting the zero waste initiative.

Eco-friendly Bio-Cups have ‘OK Compost Industrial’ certification by TUV-Austria in accordance with EN 13432 standards meaning they can degrade completely in industrial facilities in 12 weeks.

Selcup Bio-Cups are a sustainable choice; with high-quality carton board designed especially for cups which is food-safe, ecological and works smoothly and consistently in converting.  The board is also economical as its structure provides the required stiffness, resulting in light, yet functional cups.

Visit stand 43 to find out more.

Yakup Doğan +90 542 355 7714
Selcup Paper Cup

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