Aqua Cure are introducing an advanced and innovative app-based filter monitoring technology which can be easily fitted to most flowmeter type applications. The iMeter connects to the app via Bluetooth for simple monitoring of capacity and, in combination with the optional iHub, also connects to “the cloud” via WiFi, enabling operators to monitor large numbers of filter installations over the internet without having to visit site.

A single iHub can connect to up to 8 iMeters (providing they are in Bluetooth range) making it perfect for installations where more than one piece of equipment is being metered in one location, e.g. an espresso machine and an ice machine.

Operating on both Apple and Android platforms, this is a potentially game-changing piece of technology with the scope for central monitoring of an entire estate remotely, which should prove to be a very attractive proposition.

Aqua Cure are currently the exclusive UK distributer for this technology and will be previewing the product at Vendex North. For more information, stop by the Aqua Cure stand (E14) at the show or visit

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