Is the fact that your clients’ employees are constantly going off site during lunch hours and other breaks becoming an issue? Then you need to take a look at two great machines from EVOCA Group’s Necta brand: Krea Touch and Kalea Fresh Milk.

The table-top coffee machine market is growing and the pace of growth is accelerating, largely thanks to the technological developments that heralded the arrival into the marketplace of touch screens and – critically – fully automatic machines that use fresh milk to create a genuine coffee-shop experience in the workplace.

As one of the largest coffee machine manufacturers the world has to offer, you’d expect EVOCA Group to be at the forefront of these developments and indeed it is, courtesy of two exciting new Necta machines: Krea Touch and Kalea.

Krea Touch

Krea Touch is one of the most successful products Necta has ever launched in the UK.

It’s hardly surprising: Krea Touch is an appealing, high-tech coffee solution – at an exceptionally competitive price. The first thing that will strike you is that this is one seriously attractive machine with a cool, contemporary appearance that’s created by a subtle fusion of decorative lighting, chrome frames and black gloss surfaces.

A spacious drinks delivery area consolidates the up-market HoReCa feel of the machine. It reinforces the consumer’s first impression – that the drinks on offer are genuinely top quality – thereby allowing operators to command premium prices for a quality espresso based drink. What’s more, its attractive, user-friendly interface ensures consumers enjoy a particularly pleasant purchasing experience, time after time.

The wide touch screen can present a comprehensive drinks menu and can be easily customised making it a truly flexible machine, not to mention simple recipe creation and media management.


Kalea has two bean canisters and one instant canister for hot chocolate, and is the latest addition to Evoca Group’s fresh milk machine range, offering all the great features and benefits of the already established Necta brand along with real fresh milk for authentic coffee shop quality drinks.

Kalea’s appealing user interface ensures that using the machine is a real pleasure. The 7” touch screen is quick and easy to customise and the modular construction of Kalea’s interior is thoughtfully designed to make access to components easier than ever.

So, if your clients are concerned that staff are constantly sloping off, in pursuit of a decent cup of coffee, you can offer them a solution in the form of two great machines from the EVOCA Group’s world-famous Necta brand. After all, who needs sticks when you’ve got carrots like these!


February 2019

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