The in-home coffee machine has taken great steps in the last few years to become a borderline fashion piece in the home, emboldening the kitchen with coloured designs and increasingly Scandinavian designs. Coffee systems sold for public, work and office locations, such as our Primo range, are a different species of drinks machines. The question we asked was; how do we walk the line between practicality and style in a HoReCa machine to make them equally desirable without sacrificing practicality?

Something that we hear from all corners of the industry is the desire for machines to be increasingly ‘sexy’, whilst still providing a solid solution to delivering high quality coffee. On top of this, more and more of our distributors are telling us that they’re speaking to customers who are requesting fresh milk options, especially in more cosmopolitan offices and retailers.

Users increasingly want a premium, fully-fledged coffee shop beverage from their work-based machine in 2019; so how can we possibly deliver on all these points? With the brand new PRIMO COMPACT!

Imagine ordering your coffee precisely as you like it; perhaps a medium-strength flat white, with your choice of bean topped with fresh semi-skimmed milk? The new Primo Compact from Westomatic allows for all these choices. Load the Primo with two types of beans, use fresh and/or powdered milk, allow for strength options and provide delicious, barista-quality coffee. And that’s just from the customer facing side.

Operators can enjoy on-screen, step-by-step cleaning and maintenance guides as well as easy access to canisters and waste for simple refilling, cleaning and maintenance.

At just 60cm tall, the Primo Compact offers something unique in the market – a fast, capable and versatile bean to cup coffee experience in a compact, modern package.

The Primo Compact can also be equipped to cater to those requiring a fresh milk beverage from their machine! The optional fresh milk pump and add-on fridge enables the user to enjoy a drink that delivers the authentic flavour of a coffee shop beverage. The machine intelligently knows when the milk is empty and will automatically to switch over to powdered milk from the canisters inside, ensuring minimal drinks down-time.

Dual grinders, compact design, fresh milk option and beyond! Want to know more about the Primo Compact? Join Westomatic at Vendex on 9th April and visit westomatic.com to explore the machine a little more.


As well as meeting the demands of the market with a brand-new machine, we have responded to last year’s feedback with an update to our freestanding machine range. Modernised with brand new graphics to bring the machines up to date with some of our more modern products, the Sigma range has seen bold new instruction panels come as standard; encouraging passers-by to purchase a drink by giving them peace of mind in using the machine. Alongside this practical feature, we have made improvements to the overall design of each of our freestanding machines, emboldening them with a bordered central area and a reflected coffee cup feature image. 2019 is truly a new era for Westomatic and there’s much, much more to come.


March 2019

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