As a highly respected supplier of vending equipment into the UK and international arena, working with some of the biggest and best global manufacturers and managing 1000s of units, Scobie has partnered with a manufacturer that has already delivered Reverse Vending solutions across Europe in great volumes and with huge success.  Reverse Vending remains a relative unknown to most businesses within the UK whilst the various Government bodies deliberate on how best to implement and then monitor the cultural changes required to help reduce the extraordinary levels of recycled material that goes to landfill!

With our engineering background, the concept of assisting in returning a product to a point where it can be recycled into a useful commodity and recirculated (often in a different guise) into society, brings a welcomed and  enthused challenge to our business and to those who work closely with the breadth of our customers.

Reverse Vending isn’t and doesn’t need to be complicated – we use a system where a number of readers/scanners identify the product as it is presented to the machine, it stores the data and through telemetry can transmit the information to wherever it is required. Credits can be raised in a number of types for example, points to a loyalty card, money to a debit card or a voucher to be redeemed against something specific, a bespoke solution dependent on individual preference can be created.

We have a number of trials taking place across the UK with customers who are looking to develop the idea of Reverse Vending being both Corporately Responsible and allowing their workforce, customers and guests the chance to experience the simplicity of the process whilst also feeling positive for helping to make a difference!

Scobie has stands at Vendex North (72 & 88) and looks forward to welcoming many current and new customers to see the machine and discuss how we can help deliver a solution to your business

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