Another immensely successful ‘Veganuary’ clearly demonstrates that the popularity of veganism is showing no signs of diminishing any time soon, so there’s never been a better time to review your vending offering to ensure it’s meeting the fast-growing demand for vegan snacks.

A record 400,000 people worldwide signed up to the 2020 Veganuary movement which asked consumers to pledge to eat a vegan diet for the month of January.  This figure is far and away higher than both the 2019 and 2018 figures (250,000 and 170,000 respectively) – many more are also thought to have taken part without signing the official pledge.  

Vegan market worth £572m

The UK’s 2019 vegan market was worth over £572m with 26% of Brits saying that trends like Veganuary shape their shopping habits and growing numbers of people now choosing a plant-based diet. Busy lifestyles – combined with a diminishing reliance on the traditional three meals a day model – mean people want to be able to access their favourite snacks anytime, anywhere –  at home, at work and at play – so it’s more important than ever that vending operators develop a quality vegan snack offering if they are to capitalise on this fast-growing trend.

One thing’s for sure, the astonishing growth in demand for vegan, plant-based and free-from snacking is ushering in a major new opportunity for vending operators.  Just be sure you stay ahead of the curve and get vegan-ready!

Simon Roberts,

Vending Sector Controller, Eat Real snacks

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