Vending machine penetration in Russia is low… This offers huge opportunities for market growth.

The vending market in Russia is growing and getting stronger every year. In 2018 the annual revenue of the vending machine market in Russia was 52.9 billion rubles (€747 million), which was 3.5% higher than 2017.

In terms of new vending machine sales, Russia ranks in fifth place among European countries, with 16,800 new machines sold in 2018. As a comparison, Italy was top with 48,100, Germany second with 31,400, France was third with 26,500 and Spain in fourth with 23,800 new sales.

The 16,800 new vending machines that were sold in Russia in 2018 mark a 20% increase on numbers sold the previous year.  The Russian National Vending Association (RNVA) reports that the total amount of vending machines in Russia today is 178,000, with that figure set to reach 205,000 by 2020.

VendExpo in Moscow Russia 2019

In Russia, vending machines sell 3.2 million products per day, broken down into the following categories:

  • 63% – hot drinks
  • 19% – soft drinks
  • 16% – snacks
  • 2% – other products

About 70% of vending machines in Russia are located in workplaces. Vending machine penetration in Russia is low: there is currently only one machine for around 815 people, compared with the European average of one machine per 190 people. This offers huge opportunities for market growth.

Between eight and ten thousand people are employed in the vending industry in Russia.

Rising in Russia

  • Moscow Metro has been transformed by installing new coffee and snack vending machines and their quantity is growing
  • Increase of cashless payment and contactless payment
  • Active installation of telemetry into vending machines
  • Bicycle and scooter rental services are actively developing in big Russian cities
Vendexpo logo Russia

The vending industry in Russia is developing year on year. You can become a part of this promising industry in the spring of 2020 by participating in the international exhibition of vending technologies VENDEXPO and WRS5 that is to be held on March 25-27 in Moscow, Russia. VendExpo has been a key event for vending and self-service systems industry in Russia and CIS for 14 years already.

For more details, you can email the organiser or visit their website.

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