With the challenges and changes we are currently facing in the UK – from the dreaded BREXIT to technological developments, legislative impacts and changing tastes – some in the vending industry wonder if we have a future!

“AVA Futures aims to engage The Next Generation of the Vending Industry by giving them a voice and a platform…”

But, as has been shown over the years, AVA members are resourceful and adaptable. Managing their businesses to take advantage of new opportunities. Whether by offering new services and products or making use of new equipment and technologies.

It is this level of knowledge and experience that the AVA wants to ensure is developed and passed on to the ‘next generation’. At the same time as looking to the future and what it may bring.

Such is the nature of the various businesses in AVA membership that, certainly with our Commodities and Machine & Component members, there is a constant flow of ‘new blood’ into the industry. With Operating companies thinking about business succession and future developments.

It is because of this that the AVA is setting up the AVA Futures group.

AVA Futures aims to engage The Next Generation of the Vending Industry by giving them a voice and a platform to openly discuss key concepts and ideas within the industry.

AVA Futures will be a network consisting of younger employees from companies that are AVA Members. Although there is no age limit to qualify to be a part of the group, it is suggested that employees considered to be the next generation, will get the most benefit from the group.

Get involved

The group will work on a Volunteer basis with 1-2 scheduled meetings per year, followed by a social activity and/or business event to encourage networking amongst the younger members within the industry. Each participant will have the opportunity within the group to learn more about different key areas, help forecast and secure the future of vending and help move their business forward. At the same time increasing their personal and professional profile within the industry, to the benefit of their own company and others.

There has already been a lot of interest in the group and many have suggested topics for the group to focus on including lobbying, recycling incentives, selling of advertising space and much more. What the group will be capable of is still unknown as the possibilities are endless but also need to be agreed by the group itself. This will all be discussed at the first official meeting on 29 October 2019 before VENDEX in Leeds.

If you know of anyone within your organisation that would benefit from taking part, please get in touch. Furthermore, if you have any ideas that may help or benefit the AVA Futures group in any way or if you have opinions on the group that you wish to share, please email Kennedy Procter or call her at the AVA office: Kennedy.procter@the-ava.com

David Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the AVA. Responsible for AVA Futures Group

David Llewellyn,

Chief Executive, Automatic Vending Association

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