2018 marks a new and exciting start for the AVA. The extensive changes taking place, within both personnel and direction, may initially appear daunting. However, we believe this transition provides a unique opportunity to develop the organisation still further.

Our members have been at the forefront of these decisions and have directly shaped the way the changes are taking place. As always, consultation with our members has been, and will continue to be, key.

From these suggestions, we are building a strategic plan for the next 3-4 years, with a view to building a strong foundation for the future. We are starting with small but significant steps, crucial to driving the Association forward. The fundamental aim of the AVA remains to Protect, Develop and Promote. We achieve this by:

  • Always adding value for our members, whether it be networking events, informative and useful regional meetings, or legislative support
  • Celebrating the AVA ‘badge’ as a mark of quality and dependability with key bodies, including the Government, Local Authorities, FM Specifiers and the NHS

We aim to draw upon, modernise, and improve these core values. Our initial change seeks to improve the first point. Already a cornerstone of our Association, we are very excited to announce the transformation of our Regional Meetings. No longer will they be held in an anonymous hotel, they will be hosted by AVA Members. We are delighted to herald these changes, holding our first Regional Meeting of the year sponsored by AG Barr in Scotland, leading on to Scobie McIntosh in the South East. With more exciting venues to follow, we hope that in bringing it back to our members, the meetings will be as unique, relevant and engaging as possible.

The consultation process is ongoing as we want to ensure everyone’s voice has been heard. As such, please get in touch with me, David Llewellyn, if you would like to contribute to this exciting new period of development.


David Llewellyn

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